13 | Where to Get Devices for Trial & Collecting Data and Making a Decision

13 | Where to Get Devices for Trial & Collecting Data and Making a Decision

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Where to Get Devices for Trial

  • Utilize the AT kits that have been provided to all of the SoonerStart regional offices.
  • Visit device manufacturer’s websites for information about trials and local sales
  • Oklahoma also has some state-specific resources for obtaining trials with AT devices:
  • Oklahoma ABLE Tech: Oklahoma’s Statewide Assistive Technology Act Program

CCollecting Data and Decision Making

Data Collection

The IFSP team will need to collect data about each device trial to provide objective information about the child’s need for AT and to help the team make a decision about which AT device(s) are appropriate for the child. Also, depending on the funding source, most entities will require objective data when considering a request to fund AT for an infant or toddler. There are a variety of data collection tools that can be used to document the child’s progress during an AT device trial. One example is the SETT Data Collection Tool.  It can be found by clicking here.

  1. Document AT tried, include low- and high- tech devices.
  2. Include the results of each of the trials with objective criteria to determine whether the trial was successful.

Decision Making

After completing trials and collecting data, the team should know which device(s) will meet the child’s needs. If more than one device meets the same need, the team may need to consider additional questions to select the best device.