17 | Recommending AT… (cont.)

17 | Recommending AT… (cont.)

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Outcomes Page – This section documents the desired outcomes that the family has identified in priority order. Sometimes AT will be included as a goal or outcome; however, it will most likely be included as a strategy used to reach the goal. If there is a type of AT that is currently being used, a statement may be added in this section so that others reading the IFSP who are unfamiliar with the child know what AT the child is using to meet the goal.

Little CheckmarkExample: Bailey will participate in outside playtime with her brother. We will know she can do this when she is able to maneuver around the playground. Bailey currently uses the KidWalk to access the playground.

During an IFSP Review, AT that has been used and/or is currently being used should be included in the Summary of Progress section.

Little CheckmarkExample: Carter has learned to use a Jelly Bean switch to activate a spinning light show toy. He is currently learning to use the 7-Level Communication Builder to communicate: more, go, yay, and no.