12 | Evaluation of Effectiveness

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Data Collection and Analysis

The previous sections of this document have described how an LEA should provide AEM. Evaluating the effectiveness of AEM services is also critical. When developing a system, the LEA should include strategies for collecting information on timely delivery of AEM, compliance with applicable laws, and training provided to stakeholders. The LEA should also decide in advance of data collection who will participate in analysis (e.g., administrators, technology directors, educators) and how the data will be used to improve future delivery of AEM. Collaborations within a district as well as with OSDE, ABLE Tech, and AMPs are important to developing a successful data collection process; however, care must be taken to safeguard student confidentiality.

AEM Quality Indicators 5 and 6 relate to evaluation of effectiveness.

Indicator 5—A systematic data collection process: The agency develops and implements a systematic data collection process to monitor and evaluate the equitable, timely provision of appropriate, high-quality accessible materials and technologies.

Intent: Data are collected that measure the degree to which accessible materials and technologies provide all learners with disabilities the opportunity to acquire the same information, engage in the same interactions and benefit from the same services as learners without disabilities with substantially equivalent ease of use (Office of Civil Rights Compliance Review No. 11-11-6002).

Indicator 6—Use of data to guide changes: The agency uses the data collected to guide changes that support continuous improvement in all aspects of the systemic provision and use of accessible materials and technologies.

Intent: Data are systematically analyzed to gauge effectiveness of all aspects of the current system and are used to inform actions needed to improve future practice, program planning and resource allocation.

Visit: http://aem.cast.org/policies/k-12-critical-components.html#k12-5 for additional suggestions and resources for using data to improve AEM services.

Another helpful resource can be found in the Virtual Binder section of the AT-TA Document. The form, Plan for Evaluation of Effectiveness of AT Use could be adapted for evaluating the effectiveness of AEM procedures as well.