13 | Professional Development

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Learning Opportunities and Training Resources

In order to support students and their AEM needs, educators must have opportunities to learn the skills necessary for providing AEM. The topics and modes of training will vary depending on the LEA. Administrators, Special Education Teachers, TVIs, and others may need to learn how to assess students' needs, acquire and create accessible materials, and support students in the use of those materials.

AEM Quality Indicator 4 relates to Professional Development.

Indicator 4—Comprehensive learning opportunities and technical assistance: The agency provides or arranges for comprehensive learning opportunities and technical assistance that address all aspects of the need, selection, acquisition and use of accessible materials and technologies.

Intent: Ongoing learning opportunities and technical assistance draw from multiple sources, are offered in different forms (e.g., coaching, presentations, webinars, briefs, book studies) and range from introductory to advanced to reach all stakeholders.

Training can take place through in-person workshops, online courses, webinars, and other modes. ABLE Tech provides referrals, training, and technical assistance to help LEAs determine the most appropriate sources of AEM as well as assistance in selecting AT for reading. Several organizations provide instruction in reading, transcribing, and teaching braille. AMPs are often the best source for training on how to acquire specialized formats as they will have the most current information regarding available titles and acquisition procedures. Below are links to available resources for professional development.

ABLE Tech Resources

Additional Resources