03 | Assistive Technology Overview

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AT can be any device that helps a person do something that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to do. It is also the services involved in helping an evaluator assess the person’s needs as well as help them select and use the device. AT is commonly organized into one of 10 AT categories:

The 10 AT Categories Examples of AT
1. Computers and Related •  Adaptive keyboard/mouse, dictation software
2. Daily Living •  Adaptive eating and food prep utensils, writing aids
3. Environmental Adaptations •  Switches with radios/fans/remotes/lights
4. Hearing •  Personal amplification system, classroom amplification system
5. Learning/Cognition/ Development •  Adapted calculators, reading guides, writing guides, visual schedules
6. Mobility/Seating/Positioning •  Adaptive seating options, adapted walkers, positioning supports
7. Recreation/Sports/Leisure •  Games with large print/braille/audio features, adapted video game controllers
8. Speech/Communication •  Speech-generating devices, communication boards/ books
9. Vehicle Modifications/Transportation •  Modified vehicles including specialized car seats
10. Vision •  Magnifiers, devices with audio features and braille

Oklahoma ABLE Tech has an extensive inventory with over two thousand items in the above categories. It is common for educators, administrators, related service providers, and families to borrow equipment from ABLE Tech to see if it will meet a student’s needs before purchasing the item. If team members already know the device(s) they would like to borrow, they may search the online inventory and immediately request up to three devices.

For those who need additional information about what types of AT may benefit a student, more detailed information about devices and supports - including case studies and examples - can be found on ABLE Tech’s AT Discovery pages that are organized by disability category and further subdivided by environment where the person will be using the AT.