06 | AT Consideration Discussion

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At least one person on the IEP team should have some knowledge about AT. Free professional development, trainings, and online supports are available for IEP Team members to learn more about AT devices and services.

The following questions may help the IEP team through the process of reaching a “Yes” or “No” answer to the question, “....whether the child needs AT devices and services."

  1. What task is it that we want this student to do, that he/she is unable to do at a level that reflects his/her skills/abilities (writing, reading, communicating, hearing, seeing)?
  2. Is the student currently able to complete tasks with special strategies or accommodations?
  3. Is there currently AT (either devices, tools, hardware or software) used to address this task?
  4. Would the use of AT help the student perform this skill more easily or efficiently, in the least restrictive environment, or perform successfully with less personal assistance?

ABLE Tech has developed an additional document, accessible within EdPlan, to help guide the AT Consideration process during the IEP meeting. To view this pdf file: Special-Factors_Support_Information_2017 (PDF).

The active link within EdPlan for this document is found near the Special Factors questions.