08 | AT Assessment Process

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AT Assessment Process

AT Assessment is a process driven by identifying specific needs of the individual and matching AT devices and/or services to help that individual complete a task. AT Assessment is not standardized, but should:

  • Be systematic - LEAs have identified an approach that everyone follows.
  • Be replicable - LEAs should document the process and tools used to conduct individual student assessments. This not only provides a roadmap of how the IEP team arrived at its decision but allows another IEP team to replicate the results if needed.
  • Provide accountability - LEAs will want proof that a piece of AT works before following through with funding.
  • Be performed by a team familiar with AT populations and issues - LEAs need to ensure that IEP team members are knowledgeable in order to make decisions or know where to seek assistance by receiving the appropriate training.

Having operational procedures in place enables school districts to provide consistent, quality AT Assessments for all students who may need one.

There are 6 basic steps to an AT Assessment:

  1. Consideration and Referral
  2. Problem Identification
  3. Observation
  4. Solution Generation
  5. Solution Selection
  6. Implementation/Follow Up

The following pages will explain each step in detail.

The flow chart on the next page depicts the AT Assessment process and includes references to helpful forms.