10 | Consideration and Referral

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 Consideration and Referral


When should a student be referred for an AT Assessment? There are many signs that can indicate whether or not a student requires an AT Assessment. Many times it starts from a parent or educator’s concern for the way the student is (or is not) able to participate in educational activities. When a student is already on an IEP, the IEP team may go through the AT Consideration process then refer for an assessment when the following is true:

The student...

  • is not using AT, but the IEP team decides it is needed
  • is not using AT, and the IEP team does not have enough information
  • is using AT but has new/changed needs that may require additions or changes to current AT

School personnel or parents may refer a student for an AT Assessment if one or more of the following is true as well:

The student...

  • is being removed from the regular education classroom for any part of the instruction and the student’s use of AT would allow him or her to stay in the regular education classroom
  • has difficulty accessing educational materials like textbooks, worksheets, workbooks, novels, etc.

The Wisconsin AT Initiative (WATI) has a Referral/Question Identification Guide that LEAs may adopt and use if desired.  The Referral/Question Identification Guide can be found here.