11 | Consideration and Referral (cont.)

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AT Assessment Team

The AT Assessment team may or may not have the same members as the student’s IEP team; however, best practice is for the IEP team to make up the foundation of the assessment team. These are the people who know the student the best and have potentially been working with him/her for years. The function of an AT Assessment team is to develop a shared understanding of the student, the educational environments in which the student regularly participates, and the tasks that the student is expected to be able to complete and/or participate in as an active member of his/her educational environment. The AT Assessment team should be able to provide specific information about the Student, Environments, Tasks and potential AT Tools that can help the student receive a FAPE. The team should be multidisciplinary, with at least one member having a working knowledge of AT as it relates to the student’s educational needs.

The assessment team includes persons with knowledge about:

  1. The Student – Examples: Family members, regular and special education teachers, paraeducators
  2. Motor Development – Examples: Occupational Therapists (OT) or Physical Therapists (PT)
  3. Curriculum – Examples: Regular education teachers
  4. Committing District Resources – Examples: Principal, Special Education Director, Counselor
  5. Language – Example: Speech Language Pathologists (SLP)
  6. AT Options – Examples: OT, PT, SLP, other AT Specialists

The team is charged with determining when and where to gather additional information about the student, environments, tasks, and tools. There are many resources to help teams in filling out student referral information as well as gathering preliminary information about the student.

See Appendix B to view and print AT Assessment forms See Appendix C for AT Professional Development Resources

When teams do not have a person who knows about AT related to the student’s needs, a consultation may be opened with Oklahoma ABLE Tech to assist the team in completing the AT Assessment. Consultation forms may be submitted online, faxed, or mailed. Once received ABLE Tech staff with AT knowledge related to the needs of the student will contact the team. A consultation form may be opened by clicking here.

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