17 | AT is Provided

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AT is Provided

Once the team decides what tool(s) are needed (devices and services), it is the LEA’s responsibility to ensure the needed AT is provided at no cost to the student and family. Depending on the type of AT required, there are many funding sources available to the student including Medicaid, private insurances, and additional private sources.

The following are basic actions needed to obtain AT devices:

  1. Identify the source of equipment and associated costs.
  2. Locate vendor or manufacturer.
  3. Obtain a price Quote in writing.
  4. Identify possible funding sources.
  5. Determine person(s) who will seek funding source.
  6. Determine requirements for each funding source.
  7. Order equipment (consider obtaining a maintenance agreement, warranty, or other safeguard).
  8. Plan for training as needed.
  9. Set up equipment.
  10. Establish technical support system (include a plan for repairs including, obtaining loaner equipment).