19 | AT as Supplementary Aids and Services

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AT as Supplementary Aids and Services

The IDEA requires that special education and related services be made available to all children and youth with disabilities2. School districts may provide students with disabilities AT devices and services in conjunction with other related services. School districts must provide related services to a student with a disability at no cost to the parent. In EdPlan, AT as a related service comes under Supplemental Aids. AT can be a supplementary aid or service to facilitate a student’s participation in a general education class or other appropriate education-related setting. Students with disabilities have the right to an education in the least restrictive environment (LRE). To be successful in the LRE and to benefit from their education, students may need supplementary aids and services. Supplementary aids, which may allow a student to successfully participate in a general education class or other education-related setting, include a variety of assistive devices that compensate for the disability and allow the student to perform the required tasks.

AT is necessary as a supplementary aid and service if its use (along with other necessary aids) supports the student sufficiently to succeed in the current educational placement, and in the absence of the aid, requires the student’s removal to a more restrictive setting.

For students to be successful with AT devices, they need to receive training on the use of the equipment. Classroom staff also need to be knowledgeable on how and when to use the device and may also require training. When including AT as a supplementary aid and service, it may be necessary to indicate services for AT training and for implementation of the AT device.

IEP Example: Supplemental Aids

Additional information regarding AT devices and services that need to be included in the IEP can be included as Supplementary Aids and Services under “LRE and General Education.”