23 | AT Assessment Process (cont.) and Periodic Review

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When true systems change is desired, Gayl Bowser and Penny Reed explain in their guide Education Tech Points: A Framework for Assistive Technology the action items necessary to improve AT implementation and ensure administrators are involved.

1.  Maintain an inventory of frequently needed and commonly used AT devices.
2.  Provide staff training in implementing IEPs that include AT.
3.  Develop recommended district procedures for implementation plans.
4.  Develop a system to ensure that supervisors are informed.
5.  Release staff to attend planning meetings.
6.  Provide information regarding the district’s technical assistance resources.

It is critical for school districts to actively participate in the development of implementation procedures (as well as other AT procedures) for their districts. For teams that need a starting point for developing these procedures, see Appendix B: Local School System Assistive Technology Guidelines and Procedures. Districts may use these and edit them to meet the needs of students and staff in the local school system.

Periodic Review

Boy learning braille on an assistive device.It is important to periodically review a student’s progress in all areas of AT use. This can happen at the student’s annual IEP team meeting or when requested by a team member. Having data on the student’s use of the AT will be essential in determining the continued need, and use of, specific AT tools. Using the SETT process at this point to ReSETT or look at the student’s current abilities, needs, environments, tasks and tools will serve as a great way to determine if the student’s implementation plan is working and can stay the same. or whether the plan needs to be changed to better meet the student’s educational needs.