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AT and Statewide Assessment

Frequently Asked Questions

What testing options are available for special education students?

Students with disabilities may participate in the regular assessment with or without accommodations or they may, if they are eligible, participate in the Oklahoma Alternate Assessment Program (OAAP). The OAAP is an alternate assessment based on Alternate Achievement Standards (AA-AAS) for students with the most significant cognitive disabilities. The IEP team determines annually how the student will participate in the state district wide assessments – with or without accommodations, or by means of an alternate assessment.

Are accommodations available to students who take the OAAP?

The Portfolio is an individualized assessment comprised of student work accumulated throughout the school year, so no assessment accommodations are necessary. For Dynamic Learning Maps (DLM), accessibility features and supports are built within the system.

Are accommodations available to students who take the OSTP?

Yes, students may use approved state accommodations in accordance with the Oklahoma School Testing Program (OSTP) IEP/504 Accommodations Manual. These accommodations must be documented on the student’s IEP.

Can a student who needs a read-aloud accommodation test online?

Yes, a student who needs a read-aloud accommodation may test online using headphones; or if the computer is in an isolated place, a test administrator with a test monitor present can read the test from the student’s computer screen. An online TTS function is available for all online testing. TTS functionality is not supported on tablet devices or Linux devices.

Can students taking math and science assessments use a calculator?

The approved calculator polices are available on the SDE website and in the back of the testing manuals. For Grades 3-8 Mathematics or Grade 5 Science, a basic four-function calculator may only be used as an accommodation for students with disabilities and it must be included on the student’s IEP. For the End of Instruction (EOI) Mathematics, Biology I, and Grade 8 Science assessments, all students on all sections of the tests may use an approved calculator. Additionally, calculators are available as online tools during the EOI tests. For the ACE Biology I, ACE Algebra I, and ACE Geometry, a scientific calculator is available; for ACE Algebra II, both a scientific calculator and graphic calculator is available online.

-- from Oklahoma School Testing Program (OSTP) - Frequently Asked Questions

For information on specific AT devices – including procedures and guidance for use during assessments, please view the OSDE OSTP Accommodations for Students with an IEP or 504 Plan.