40 | Appendix B – Virtual Binder

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Appendix B Virtual Binder

Best Practices and Sample Operational Procedures


Letter to Hutcheson, 30 IDELR 708 (OSEP 1998)

SEAs must ensure that school districts have in place policies and procedures to ensure that a free appropriate public education (FAPE) is made available to all children with disabilities residing in the State in mandatory age ranges. This responsibility includes ensuring the provision of assistive technology devices and services where such devices and services are necessary for a child to receive FAPE.

The following pages show promising practices in AT service delivery, optional operational procedures that school districts may edit and adopt, as well as a list of resources for each of the eight quality indicators for AT.

The operational procedures can be edited to fit the needs of your school district, printed, and kept in a binder to be available for all school staff to review and follow.

Quality Indicators

  1. AT Consideration
  2. AT Assessment
  3. AT in the IEP
  4. AT Implementation
  5. Evaluation of Effectiveness of AT
  6. AT in Transition
  7. Administrative Support for AT
  8. AT Professional Development and Training in AT