41 | Quality Indicator for AT Consideration

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1. AT Consideration

Promising Practices

  1. AT is considered for all students with disabilities and the consideration is consistently based on the unique educational needs of the student.
  2. A collaborative process is established and consistently used by IEP teams to make AT decisions.
  3. The team consistently uses collective knowledge and skills to make informed AT decisions.  The team seeks help when needed.
  4. Decisions about a student’s need for AT consistently are based on both the student’s IEP goals and general education curricular tasks.
  5. The IEP team consistently gathers and analyzes data about the student¸ customary environments¸ educational goals and tasks when considering a student’s need for AT devices and services.
  6. The IEP team always explores a range of AT devices¸ services¸ and other supports to address identified needs.
  7. The consideration process and results are documented in the IEP and consistently include a rationale for the decision and supporting evidence.

Resources available for developing Operational Procedures

  • See AT TA Guide page 5 for AT Consideration Process Flow Chart.
  • See Appendix C for additional consideration resources.


Teams may use the following AT Consideration form:

Big East Educational Cooperative AT Consideration Checklist (see the following pages for worksheet)

Sample Operational Procedures for AT Consideration

Our Local Education Agency, ______________________ (name school/district), has chosen collectively to use the ______________________ (Ex. Big East Educational Cooperative AT Consideration Checklist or other equivalent form) to walk through the discussion of whether each and every student on an IEP needs AT. These guidelines and the consideration form are kept _________________________ (name where documents/files are located physically and/or digitally) so that those completing the IEP can access it.

__________________________ (Name when faculty/staff are notified of the document/file procedures to use it; i.e., at the beginning of each school year) the form is disseminated to faculty/staff and procedures on how and when to complete the form are explained.

Once completed, the AT Consideration form will be kept ______________________________________ (location for hardcopy/digital file; ex. the student’s cumulative file).

Specific information on the AT Consideration process - including results - will be recorded in the student’s IEP.

Signed info effect on _______________________ (date) by ____________________________ (Administrator's signature who approved guidelines/procedures)