43 | Quality Indicators for AT Assessment

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2: AT Assessment

Promising Practices

  1. Clearly defined procedures are used by everyone involved in the assessment process.
  2. Flexible teams formed on the basis of knowledge of the individual student’s needs, environments, tasks, and expertise in AT consistently conduct assessments.
  3. Functional components of AT Assessments are consistently conducted in the student’s customary environments.
  4. AT Assessments are conducted in a timely manner and include a plan for ongoing assessment and trials in customary environments.
  5. Recommendations are consistently based on data about student performance on typical tasks in customary environments.
  6. Documented recommendations consistently include sufficient information about devices and services to guide decision-making and program development.
  7. AT use is frequently monitored. AT needs are generally reassessed if current tools and strategies are ineffective. Reassessment generally includes ongoing assessment strategies and includes formal assessment, if indicated.