45 | AT Assessment (cont.)

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Sample Operational Procedures for AT Assessment

Our Local Education Agency, _______________________________________ (name school/district), has chosen collectively to use the following steps to complete AT Assessments in our school/district:

  1. Referral and Preliminary Decisions – Identify concerns, if additional team members are needed, where and when information on the student’s AT needs will be gathered.
  2. Primary Decisions Using the SETT Framework – List relevant information regarding the Student, Environments, Tasks, and Tools (current and those needed for trial)
  3. Trial Use – Plan for trialing specific AT Tools, trial the tools in customary environments with identified tasks, and collect data
  4. Final Decisions – Use data to determine which AT Tools will be needed for the student
  5. Implementation/Ongoing Use – Develop plan for implementing AT, then implement, and monitor use.

AT Assessments are determined as needed following the AT Consideration process. When an AT Assessment is needed, it is our school’s/district’s decision to have each student’s IEP team complete the assessment. When an IEP team feels it does not have all of the necessary team members to provide knowledge about the student’s needs, environments, tasks, and/or expertise in AT, the IEP team leader should contact ______________________________ (name role of person the team is to contact; i.e., AT Specialist in the District, Oklahoma ABLE Tech Staff, etc.).

The following forms can be used to collect information and analyze data throughout the assessment process: _______________________________ (name the forms the district agrees to use).

Examples include:

  • Wisconsin AT Initiative Student Information Guide Environmental Observation Guide
    • SETT Scaffold for Gathering Data
    • SETT Scaffold for Tool Selection
  • WATI Trial Use Guide
    • WATI Decision-Making Guide
    • Implementation Plan Worksheet

These forms and procedures are kept ___________________________ (name where documents/files are located physically or digitally) so that those completing the assessment can access them. __________________________ (when are faculty/staff notified; i.e., start of school year) these forms are disseminated to faculty/staff and procedures on how and when to complete the forms are explained. Specific information on the AT Assessment process – including results – will be recorded in the student’s IEP. AT Assessments can take days, weeks, or even months to complete, but must be accomplished in a timely manner.

Funding sources for needed AT must be identified by the team, so that a decision can be made on how the AT will be acquired. It is the Local Education Agency’s (LEA) responsibility to provide the needed AT at no cost to the student or parent; however, it is the parent’s right to purchase AT personally or use private insurance to do so. When the LEA is to provide the AT, the AT Assessment results should be submitted to _______________________________ (name/role of person team is to contact).

Once completed, the assessment plan form will be kept _____________________ (Ex. in the student’s cumulative file)

Signed into effect on __________________ (Insert Date) by __________________________________ (Administrator’s signature who approved guidelines/procedures)