55 | AT in the IEP (cont.)

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Sample Operational Procedures for AT in the IEP

Our Local Education Agency, _____________________________________ (name of school/district), has chosen collectively to use the following steps to record information about AT in the IEP using the following guidelines:

  • AT may be included in any part of the IEP as it is deemed relevant to the particular section.
  • Additional pages may be added to the IEP when there is not sufficient space on the IEP to include information about AT.
  • Every IEP team must consider the individual student’s need for AT and record the results of the consideration discussion in the Special Factors section of the IEP.
  • The names of specific AT devices may be included in the IEP when they are currently being used, are considered for use, have been trialed, and/or when the device has particular characteristics that require the student to learn operational skills that are unique to that specific device.
  • When recommended AT is being recorded in the IEP, it is suggested that the specific features of the device(s) are listed out. The following are examples of device features:
    • Portable
    • Durable
    • Word processor
    • Word prediction
    • Spell check
    • Ability to print/submit electronically
    • Read aloud or Text to Speech (TTS)
    • Dictation or speech recognition
  • Specific AT Services should be recorded in the IEP and may be included in the Related Services section as applicable. The following are examples of AT services that may be included in the IEP:
    • Evaluating needs of student
    • Purchasing, leasing, or otherwise providing for the AT
    • Selecting, designing, fitting, customizing, maintaining, repairing, or replacing AT
    • Coordinating therapies, interventions, and other services
    • AT training or technical assistance for student/parent
    • AT training or technical assistance for faculty/staff
  • The IEP team must verify that the recommended AT is linked to IEP goals and objectives and is consistently linked to the general curriculum.
  • The IEP team must describe observable, measurable outcomes to be achieved through AT use.
  • There should be enough information about the AT Consideration and Assessment processes (as applicable) that an unfamiliar reader can read and determine what AT has been considered, trialed, used, and/or recommended.

These guidelines are kept ____________________________ (name where operational procedures are located physically and/or digitally) so that those completing IEPs can access them.
____________________________________________ (name when faculty/staff are notified; i.e., at the start of the school year). These procedures for recording AT in the IEP are disseminated to faculty/staff.

Once completed, the AT in the IEP plan form will be kept (ex. in the student’s cumulative file).

Signed into effect on __________________(insert date) by _______________________(Administrator's signature who approved guidelines/procedures)