56 | Quality Indicators for AT Implementation

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4: AT Implementation

Promising Practices

  1. All team members collaborate in the development of a comprehensive AT implementation plan.
  2. AT is fully integrated into the student’s curriculum and daily activities.
  3. Responsibility for implementation is consistently shared among team members across all environments.
  4. Multiple strategies are provided. Students are consistently encouraged to select and use the most appropriate strategy for each task.
  5. Ongoing AT training is provided to student, family, and staff as needed, based on changing needs.
  6. AT implementation is based on initial assessment data and is consistently adjusted as needed based on student progress.
  7. Equipment and materials are effectively managed and maintained so that students consistently have access to the equipment and materials they require.

Resources for developing Operational Procedures

  • See AT TA Guide pages 21-23 for information on AT Implementation.
  • See Appendix C for additional AT Implementation resources.


Teams may use the following AT Implementation form - AT Implementation Organizer

(Implementation Organizer Worksheets begin on page 59)