57 | AT Implementation (cont.)

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Sample Operational Procedures for AT Implementation

Our Local Education Agency, _______________________ (name of school/district), has chosen collectively to use the following steps to record information about AT in the IEP using the following guidelines:

For each student on an IEP who is using AT, the student’s IEP team will implement the student’s AT intervention program as outlined in the student’s IEP. An AT implementation plan worksheet/organizer will be used as a guide in implementing the AT intervention program in a way that ensures execution of the plan and accountability of the team.

Our district has chosen collectively to use the __________________________________________________ (i.e., AT Implementation Organizer or other equivalent form) to plan for the AT use of each and every student on an IEP who needs AT. This plan outlines the projected outcomes of the intervention, the action steps required to achieve the outcomes, the staff responsible for implementing the action steps, and a plan for evaluating the effectiveness of the intervention. This form will be kept ______________________________________ (name location for hardcopy / digital file) and disseminated to staff via ________________________________ (provide information on how staff will be notified that the form exists).

The IEP team will follow school system procedures to ensure that the recommended AT is made available to the student as required in the IEP.

The IEP team will contact ________________________________ (provide Name / Email / Phone; ex. the school system AT specialist) to obtain the required AT if it is not readily available in the school setting. The required AT may be available in another school, in the school system’s loan program, or through Oklahoma ABLE Tech’s device loan program: http://at.okstate.edu/. If the device is available from the district, the school staff will follow procedures to obtain the device from the district. Oklahoma ABLE Tech has AT devices that can be borrowed for multiple reasons including helping IEP teams complete AT Assessments to determine what device(s) best meets the student’s educational needs.