58 | AT Implementation (cont.)

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The IEP team will coordinate installing, modifying, customizing, and programing the obtained AT to meet the student’s individual needs. For assistance with items borrowed from Oklahoma ABLE Tech, please contact ABLE Tech directly. Once AT is acquired for the student to use long-term, it is best to contact the specific equipment vendor for technical assistance and training. If help is needed to coordinate technical assistance and training on a piece of equipment, please contact Oklahoma ABLE Tech.

The school staff will participate in professional learning courses as needed to obtain the skills and expertise necessary to implement the AT intervention program. Professional learning courses are conducted through Oklahoma ABLE Tech. Information regarding upcoming in-person trainings are available on the ABLE Tech website at: www.okabletech.org/education-services/at-services-for-pk-12/at-support-team-workshops.  Online curriculum, videos, and archived webinars are available on the website at: www.okabletech.org/eduction-services/at-services-for-pk-12.

The IEP team will ensure that the AT is made available in all relevant environments. If the student requires the AT in the home setting, the IEP team will make note of this in the IEP. Per IDEA, it is an IEP team decision whether or not the AT travels home with the student.

The school staff will ensure that the available AT is integrated into all appropriate curricular activities.

When equipment is not in working order, the school staff will contact _____________________________ (provide Name / Email / Phone; ex. the school system AT specialist) to obtain directions as to how they should proceed in getting the device repaired. Repairs will be completed in a timely manner and alternative solutions will be provided to the student while repairs are being made.

The AT intervention program will be modified as needed based on student needs and curriculum.

The student’s IEP team may request assistance from __________________________________ (provide Name / Email / Phone; ex. the school system AT specialist) when needed. The following types of assistance are available:

  • Device Customization
  • Device Maintenance and Repair
  • Device Loan Program
  • Device Training and Support

Once completed, the implementation plan form will be kept _____________________________________ (name location for hardcopy / digital file; ex. in the student’s cumulative file).

Signed into effect on ____________________________________ (insert date)  by _____________________________________________ (Administrator’s signature who approved guidelines/procedures).

From Education Tech Points: A Framework for Assistive Technology
Chapter - Pulling it All Together. Georgia Model Operating Guidelines (GPAT)
Local School System Assistive Technology Guidelines and Procedures, pages 16 and 17
Pre-made forms are available through the Education Tech Points:
A Framework for Assistive Technology CD.