57 | AT in the IEP

57 | AT in the IEP

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Quality Indicator for Assistive Technology:
AT in the IEP

Promising Practices

  1. The agency has guidelines for documenting AT in the IEP and members of all teams are aware of them.
  2. Required AT devices and services are documented. Documentation consistently includes sufficient information to support effective implementation.
  3. AT is linked to the IEP goals and objectives and is consistently linked to the general curriculum.
  4. The IEP consistently describes observable, measurable outcomes to be achieved through AT use.
  5. Devices and services are documented and are consistently adequate to support AT use.

Resources for developing Operational Procedures

  • See AT TA Guide pages 16-18 for information on Documenting AT in the IEP.
  • See Appendix C for additional AT in the IEP resources.

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