60 | Quality Indicator for Evaluation of Effectiveness of AT

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5: Evaluation for Effectiveness of AT

Promising Practices

  1. Responsibilities for collection, evaluation and interpretation of data are consistently shared by team members.
  2. Team identifies specific student behaviors related to IEP goals, and consistently collects data on changes in those behaviors.
  3. Effectiveness is consistently evaluated using both quantitative and qualitative data about student’s performance obtained from a variety of sources.
  4. Effectiveness is consistently evaluated during naturally occurring opportunities and structured activities in multiple environments.
  5. Data are sufficiently analyzed all of the times.
  6. Program changes are consistently linked to student performance data.
  7. Evaluation of effectiveness takes place on an on-going basis and the team consistently uses the data to make program changes.

Resources for developing Operational Procedures

  • See AT TA Guide page 12 for information on Data Collection.
  • See Appendix C for additional Data Collection resources.


Teams may use the following forms for Evaluating Effectiveness -

Quality Indicators for Assistive Technology (QIAT) Matrices
Pages 11-12 of the QIAT Matrices document

QIAT Plan for Effectiveness of AT Use

See page 76 for QIAT Effectiveness Matrices.