61 | Evaluation of Effectiveness of AT (cont.)

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Sample Operational Procedures for Evaluation of Effectiveness

Our Local Education Agency, ______________________________________ (name of school / district) has chosen collectively to evaluate the effectiveness of AT services being provided to students using the following guidelines.

For each student on an IEP who is using AT, the student’s IEP team will collect data on the student’s use of AT as outlined in the IEP and an AT intervention plan. The IEP team will analyze the data to determine the continued use of the AT and to make changes as needed.

Our school/district agrees to use the _________________________________ (i.e., QIAT Plan for Evaluation of Effectiveness of AT Use or other equivalent form) to guide planning on how the use of AT will be evaluated. Completion of the document will help the team to create a shared vision of the process for data collection. This document should be completed prior to data being collected on the student’s AT use. This form helps teams focus on what aspects of the student’s performance are expected to change and then on how the IEP team will know that those changes are happening.

This form will be kept __________________________ (name location for hardcopy / digital file) and disseminated to staff via _______________________________ (how will staff be notified that the form exists?).

Once completed, the form will be kept _______________________________ (name location for hardcopy / digital file; ex. in the student’s cumulative file).

Signed info effect on _______________________ (date) by ____________________________ (Administrator's signature who approved guidelines/procedures).