77 |Quality Indicators for Administrative Support for AT

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7. Administrative Support of AT

Promising Practices

  1. Comprehensive written procedural guidelines that address all components of AT service delivery are in place.
  2. Procedures are disseminated to all agency personnel and consistently used.
  3. Job requirements related to AT are written for all personnel who provide AT services and are clearly aligned to job responsibilities.
  4. AT competencies are consistently valued and used in hiring, assigning and evaluating personnel.
  5. AT is included in the agency-wide technology planning and budgeting process in a way that meets AT needs throughout the agency.
  6. Learning opportunities related to AT are provided on an ongoing basis to address the changing needs of students with disabilities, their families and the staff who serve them.
  7. A systematic procedure is consistently used throughout the agency to evaluate all components of the agency-wide AT program.

Resources for developing Operational Procedures

  • See Appendix C for additional administrative support resources.