78 | Administrative Support for AT (cont.)

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Sample Operational Procedures for Administrative Support

Our Local Education Agency, _________________________________ (name of school / district), has chosen collectively to address administrative support for AT using the following guidelines:

Our district has comprehensive operational procedures for the eight areas of AT service delivery including:

  1. AT Consideration
  2. AT Assessment
  3. AT in the IEP
  4. AT Implementation
  5. Evaluation of Effectiveness
  6. AT Transition
  7. Administrative Support
  8. Professional Development and Training in AT

These operational procedures and associated forms are disseminated to staff via _____________________________________(how will staff be notified that the procedures exist?).

Our district uses the _____________________________ (i.e.; Administrators’ Balanced Scorecard for Assistive Technology Services found here:  http://www.texasat.net/Assets/admin-at-balanced-scorecard-2006.pdf; or other equivalent form).

The Balanced Scorecard approach is used to examine an organization’s mission and consider factors that influence overall performance from four different points of view:

  1. Customer, stakeholder, and implementer perspective;
  2. Internal process perspective;
  3. Financial perspective, and
  4. Learning, growth, and innovation

For each perspective, objectives related to the mission are identified and measures are developed that can be used to keep track of progress and show areas in which change is needed.

Once completed, the AT scorecard form will be kept ___________________________ (name location for hard copy / digital file).

Once completed, the administrative support plan form will be kept _________________________________ (name location for hard copy / digital file; ex.. in the student’s cumulative file).

Signed into effect on ________________________________ (Insert Date) by ________________________________ (Administrator’s signature who approved guidelines/procedures.)