80 | Professional Development and Training in AT (cont.)

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Sample Operational Procedures for Professional Development and Training in AT

Our Local Education Agency, _________________________________ (name of school / district), has chosen collectively to provide and /or participate in professional development and training in AT using the following guidelines:

Faculty, staff, and contracted service providers have the opportunity to participate in professional development and training in AT ___________________________________ (i.e. offered by Oklahoma ABLE Tech on a yearly basis, etc.).

Professional development and training opportunities provided by the school/district and/or by other entities related to AT are offered - at a minimum - to faculty, staff, and contracted service providers who are working with students who require AT devices and services to facilitate academic achievement.

The following are common, acceptable strategies for professional development in AT:

  • Workshops and lectures
  • Hands-on learning opportunities
  • Web-based training opportunities
  • Book studies
  • Product demonstrations


Professional development and training consistently consider research-based adult learning strategies like providing opportunities to apply learning immediately and allowing participants to engage in learning in multiple ways.

Professional development and training include information on the selection, acquisition, and use of AT, consider all elements, audiences, and levels, and are provided on a comprehensive, repetitive, and continuous schedule.

Professional development and training aligns with other local, state, and national professional development initiatives and utilize local, regional, and national resources.

This LEA chooses to use the Staff Development Plan Feature-Match form and/or the AT PD and Training Planning form to match potential training topics and formats to the intended audience.

These guidelines are kept _____________________________ (name location for hardcopy / digital file) so that faculty, staff, and contracted service providers have continued access to them.

______________________________________ (How will staff be notified that the procedures exist?)
These procedures for providing and receiving professional development and training are disseminated to faculty/staff.

Once completed, the Professional Development and Training Plan form will be kept _______________________________________ (name location for hardcopy / digital file;  ex.. in the student’s cumulative file).

Signed into effect on ________________________________ (Insert Date).

by _______________________________ (Administrator’s signature who approved guidelines/procedures).