89 | AT Transition

89 | AT Transition

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Quality Indicator for Assistive Technology:
AT Transition

Promising Practices

  1. Transition plans consistently address AT needs and all team members are involved and knowledgeable about critical roles, steps and follow-up.
  2. Student is a full participant and student input is consistently reflected in the transition plan.
  3. Advocacy consistently occurs for AT use and the development of student self determination skills.
  4. AT requirements in the receiving environment are consistently identified by all participants.
  5. Individualized timelines are consistently developed and support transition planning for students using AT.
  6. The plans consistently address AT equipment, training and funding issues.

Resources for developing Operational Procedures

  • See AT TA Guide pages 24-25 for information on AT Transition.
  • See Appendix C for additional AT Transition resources.


Teams may use the following AT Transition form -
Purchase/Sale Agreement and Sample Depreciation Spreadsheets

 (Worksheets begin on page 91)

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