90 | AT Transition (cont.)

90 | AT Transition (cont.)

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Sample Operational Procedures for AT Transition

Our Local Education Agency, ________________________________ (name of school / district), has chosen collectively to transition AT using the following guidelines.

For each student on an IEP who is using assistive technology (AT) who is also at the age of transition planning, the IEP team will use ____________________________________ (i.e., Canfield and Reed’s Assistive Technology and Transition form or other equivalent form(s)). Details can be found at the following link: https://www.transitioncoalition.org/wp-content/originalSiteAssets/files/docs/attransitionpacket1224259340.pdf

The document includes a Procedure Guide for AT and Transition Planning, which includes detailed information and applicable forms that IEP teams can use with students:

  • At Age 14 or Before
  • Each Year at IEP Review
  • At Age 17
  • Prior to Graduation

These procedures and forms will help school districts consistently address the AT needs of all students transitioning with AT.

In order to effectively and efficiently transfer ownership of AT purchased by our school/district to a receiving agency/entity, we agree to use the Purchase/Sale Agreement form, developed by the Georgia Project for Assistive Technology and adopted by the Oklahoma State Department of Education.

These AT transition forms will be kept __________________________________ (name location for hard copy / digital file) and disseminated to staff via ______________________________ (how will staff be notified that the form exists?).

Once completed, the AT transition forms will be kept ________________________________ (name location for hard copy / digital file,  ex...in the student’s cumulative file).             

Signed info effect on _______________________ (date) by ____________________________ (Administrator's signature who approved guidelines/procedures).

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