05 | AT Consideration Cont.

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SETT Area of Consideration Function(s)
Physical Health, motor abilities, seating, positioning
Sensory Vision, hearing, sensitivity to/of touch
Communication Speech sound production and use, receptive and expressive language, voice, fluency, augmentative and alternative communication
Cognitive An appraisal of aptitude and mental processes by which an individual applies knowledge, thinking, and solves problems
Environmental Control Ability to control events within the environment; ability to interact with others to influence actions of others
Social Competence Adaptive behaviors and social skills, which enable a child or youth to meet environmental demands and to assume responsibility for his own and other’s welfare
Recreation/Leisure Free time, maintenance of physical fitness, use of generic community recreation facilities and resources and degree of social involvement

See Appendix A for a link to the complete SETT AT Consideration worksheet.

One person on the IFSP team should have knowledge about AT. Many free resources are available for team members to learn more about AT devices and services such as in-person training, online curriculum, videos, and webinars. If additional assistance is needed to determine AT options for a child, the IFSP team may contact Oklahoma ABLE Tech for a free consultation.