11 | Gathering Information about the Child… (cont.)

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When a team member does not have a member who knows about AT related to the child’s needs, a consultation may be opened with Oklahoma ABLE Tech to assist the team in completing the AT assessment.  Consultation forms may be submitted online, faxed, or mailed.  Once received, ABLE Tech staff with knowledge related to the AT needs of your child will contact your team.  A consultation form can be found on ABLE Tech's website at: https://okabletech.formstack.com/forms/able_tech_intake_form_long.

Teams may find they have a majority of the information about the child’s abilities, environments, and tasks just by reflecting on past interactions with the child.  An assessment requires obtaining new information. Teams will want to complete observations of the child in the environment(s) where the child needs to complete tasks/activities that may require AT.

Using a form that leads you through observation can be extremely helpful.  Tips for your observation(s) include:

  • Asking multiple team members to complete the same observation form in the child's environment(s)
  • Observing how much/often and in what ways the child is participating
  • Observing how much/often and in what ways the child’s peers are participating
  • Noting whom the child is interacting with: peers vs. adults
  • Noting if there are any noticeable barriers to the child’s participation

Assign a deadline for observations to be completed and schedule a meeting to compare team notes.

See Appendix B for the Information Gathering Resources