14 | Documentation – Family Assessment Plan

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Documenting in the IFSP

After the IFSP team collects data about the AT device(s) trialed, members should be able to make recommendations. AT device features, strategies, and/or services should be included in the IFSP. Documenting in the IFSP is critical as sometimes it is the only documented information following the child from one place to another.

Any early intervention service provided (including AT) is required to be documented on the IFSP service delivery pages.

Family Assessment – If the parent/guardian has a concern regarding AT specifically, it could be listed here.


Family Assessment

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Example: We are concerned that Millie needs something that enlarges text and pictures so she can read books.

Note: If the child is already using (or has used in the past) some type of AT, it could be listed under this section as a resource.

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Example: Clint benefited from a six-week loan of a switch and adapted toy from Oklahoma ABLE Tech.