20 | Implementing AT

20 | Implementing AT

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Implementing AT

 Implementation should focus on ensuring that the AT provided can be adequately used by the child within the environments that he/she is actively engaged.

The following areas should be noted when evaluating how well the AT is being implemented:

  • Identify the AT tools or systems that will be
  • Identify specific tasks for which the AT will be
  • Identify where the child will be using the
  • Verify how the AT correlates to the
  • Identify components of the AT that need to be maintained (charged, cleaned, replaced).
  • Ensure all persons working with the child and his/her AT are
  • Determine who will customize the AT (when necessary).
  • Note information about
  • Develop a contingency plan for temporary replacements (when necessary).

See Appendix C for Implementation Resources