29 | IFSP

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IFSP Details

The IFSP team must include, but is not limited to:

  • The parents/guardians of the child                                                                           
  • The resource coordinator
  • A person or persons having information regarding the eligibility evaluation

The following are people who may also be a necessary part of the IFSP team:

  • Other family members (as requested by the family)
  • An advocate or person outside the family (as requested by the family)
  • A person or persons with experience in providing AT devices/services
  • The person(s) who will be providing services

§303.343 The Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP) Team Meeting and Periodic Review
(a) Initial and annual IFSP Team meeting.

(1) Each initial meeting and each annual IFSP Team meeting to evaluate the IFSP must include the following participants:

(i) The parent or parents of the child.
(ii) Other family members, as requested by the parent, if feasible to do so.
(iii) An advocate or person outside of the family, if the parent requests that the person participate.
(iv) The service coordinator designated by the public agency to be responsible for implementing the IFSP.
(v) A person or persons directly involved in conducting the evaluations and assessments in §303.321.
(vi) As appropriate, persons who will be providing early intervention services under this part to the child or family.