32 | AT Consideration Resources

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Promising Practices

  1. AT is considered for all children with disabilities and the consideration is consistently based on the unique needs of the child.
  2. A collaborative process is established and consistently used by IFSP teams to make AT decisions.
  3. The team consistently uses collective knowledge and skills to make informed AT decisions. The team seeks help when needed.
  4. Decisions about a child’s needs for AT consistently are based on all environments in which the child participates.
  5. The IFSP team consistently gathers and analyzes data about the child, customary environments, developmental goals, and tasks when considering a child’s need for AT devices or services.
  6. The IFSP team always explores a range of AT devices, services, and other supports to address identified needs.
  7. The consideration process and results are documented in the IFSP and consistently include a rationale for the decision and supporting evidence.

Sample Operational Procedures for AT Consideration

Our SoonerStart team, ___________________________(county name, region name), has chosen collectively to use the SETT AT Consideration Checklist (or other equivalent forms) to walk through the discussion of whether every child on an IFSP needs assistive technology (AT). These guidelines and the consideration form are kept______________________________________________________________  (name where documents/files are located physically or digitally) so that those completing the IFSP can access it.

_______________________________________________(name when SoonerStart personnel are notified of the document/file procedures to use it) the form is disseminated to SoonerStart personnel and procedure on how and when to complete the form are explained.

Once completed, the AT Consideration form will be kept ______________________________________(location for hard copy/digital file; ex. The child’s file).

Specific information on the AT Consideration process - including results - will be recorded in the child’s IFSP.


SETT Scaffold for Consideration of AT Needs

This is one of several forms created by created by Joy Zabala, Ed.D. to guide users through the process of considering, selecting, and implementing AT. The forms are intended to be examples and can be adapted and changed to meet the needs of the people who are using them as long as credits to the source are maintained.

Teams may use the following AT Consideration form: SETT Scaffold for AT Consideration Needs

Also available at: http://www.joyzabala.com/Documents.html