45 | Choosing Specific AT to Trial – Resources

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An online resource that provides information about AT products and rehabilitation equipment.
>> http://www.abledata.com/

AIM Center

Located in the Oklahoma Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped, the AIM Center provides long-term loans of AT to help infant and toddlers with visual impairments access learning materials.
>> http://www.library.state.ok.us/aim 

Oklahoma ABLE Tech

Oklahoma’s statewide Assistive Technology Act Program provides free, short-term loans of AT devices across multiple AT categories for up to 6 weeks in duration. (See “Device Demo and Loan”)

SETT Scaffold for Tool Selection

This is one of several forms created by Joy Zabala, Ed.D. to guide users through the process of considering, selecting, and implementing AT. The forms are intended to be examples and can be adapted to meet the needs of those who are using them as long as credits to the original source are maintained.
>> http://www.joyzabala.com/Documents.html