49 | Resources: Funding, Implementation, and Transition

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Funding Resources

AT Funding Guide

Implementation Resources

 SETT Scaffold for Implementation and Evaluation of Effectiveness Planning

This is one of several forms created by Joy Zabala, Ed.D. to guide users through the process of considering, selecting, and implementing AT. The forms are intended to be examples and can be adapted and changed to meet the needs of the people who are using them as long as credits to the original source are maintained.
>> http://www.joyzabala.com/Documents.html

Transition Resources

SoonerStart Operation Manual
This document provides technical assistance guidelines for SoonerStart Early Intervention providers and parents of children receiving SoonerStart services.
>> https://sde.ok.gov/sites/default/files/SoonerStart%20Operations%20Manual%20-%20Revised%201-25-2019%20%282%29.pdf

Timeline of Transition Activities Provided by the Oklahoma Transition Council
This document provides a timeline of recommended programs, services, and activities that can be accessed by individuals with disabilities across the lifespan.
>> https://www.ou.edu/education/centers-and-partnerships/zarrow/ timeline-of-transition-activities.html