52 | SoonerStart AT Acquisition Process (cont.)

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Step 3: If the team is unable to access funding for AT devices or services promptly, then SoonerStart resources can be utilized. To access funding through SoonerStart, the team must submit the AT Request to the Executive Director of SoonerStart Early Intervention, Special Education Services, and OSDE.

Step 4: The Executive Director reviews the following documentation within ten working days of receiving it: the team’s AT assessment, the need for AT to support the child’s outcome(s), a letter of medical necessity or a letter of justification, and the attempts to access other funding sources within ten working days. The documentation review is to insure that the IFSP team has provided adequate information regarding assessment and how it relates to the child’s IFSP outcomes and all attempts at seeking other appropriate funding sources.

Step 5: The SoonerStart team is contacted within ten working days to request more information/ documentation if necessary or to inform the team that the reviewed documentation is determined complete.

Step 6: Once the documentation has been reviewed and determined complete, acquisition of the equipment is coordinated through the SoonerStart Program and provided to the family promptly.

In some circumstances, families may offer to donate AT equipment to SoonerStart that is no longer being used by their child. All donations are subject to the Oklahoma State Department of Education’s “Donation Solicitation and Acceptance Policy” which can be viewed online at: http://ok.gov/sde/sponsorshipdonation.